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After just arriving back after a successful trip with the Alpine Brumbies I have had time to reflect on how blessed I am, not only did I come across many different herds I actually laid eyes on that Black Brumby stallion that us horsey girls dream about after falling in love with the Man from Snowy River. He blasted down the road, I heard his galloping hooves before I laid eyes on him.  From what I can tell he spotted my car and was postering to it (I was out of sight in the treed area).  This Stallion then went on to assess and discuss with others his next move and once realising that I was in the trees, graced me with his presence for a good ten minutes of strutting his stuff. Now at no time did he make me feel unsafe, or that he was going to charge, he didnt have a herd to protect was seemed to be a bit odd as he most certainly seemed to be in his prime. 


The Black StallionThe Black StallionThis fella was quite put out that I was about and stalked me for quite a while. He didnt seem to have a herd although to me looks to be in his prime. This horse is everything I have ever thought a brumby stallion should be.


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