Up Close and Personal with the Brumby

January 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Well what a trip it was! This trip I spent my main time with one particular herd and once the Stallions (Yes I said Stallions) and Lead Mare were happy that I was not a threat in any way, they settled really really well. The herd consisted of a small band of mares,their foals, fillies,a young colt and two mature stallions.

It was interesting to view the dynamic and fluidity of them all working together, even when another mob came close by and all Stallions had a quick chat, no tension at all, just a simple meet and great.

I had a group of three with me and coming North Qld this was a pretty spectacular moment for them, they have been out and spent time on stations but as you could imagine everything about the Alpine Brumby, including the geography is complete opposite.

To put it mildly the trip was a major success, I will be heading back out again next week with a little larger group, however I dont think that will affect our photo opportunities at all.








CuriousCuriousThis fella was curious about us and settled real quick Lead MareLead Mare The Black StallionThe Black StallionThis Mature Stallion shares a small mob with another mature stallion. The boys seem to be quite good mates and are more then happy to work as a team. Father and SonFather and SonFather and Son Coming straight at usComing straight at us


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