The Old Mens Club

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What happens to the boys when they are just to old to protect their mares? The up and coming bachelors are a cocky bunch and one must always be on their toes, must be fit, must be strong and most importantly must always be ready. Unfortunately we do not stay young and virile all our lives and at some time we are just going to have to let go, that is universal with any specie across the natural world.


So these boys have three choices and that is to lead their last days out in solitude, dreaming about what was.......


DreamingDreamingAn aged stallion watching a mob of mares dreaming about his youth.

Or you can roam the Hills in the hope to find whatever you are looking for:


Old MateOld MateOld Mate - An aged Stallion that is well into his later years. Old MateOld MateOld Mate - An aged Stallion that is well into his later years.


Or you can buddy up with another aged Stallion and become part of the Old Mens Club :-)


Two Old MatesTwo Old MatesTwo Old Mates taking care of each other


These two boys are best mates, they are aged and by aged I would say 10 +. The old chestnut boy has had some major injuries as shown in the photos below, he most certainly has seen better days. These two boys are never far away from each other, and if by circumstance they have been separated they are back together usually by daybreak or night fall. I have sighted them kilometres apart to come back and find, with relief that they are together again. These two old mates totally look out for one another, the bay/ brown, I have dubbed Snorty as it is his job to alert, the chestnut then heads on over to checks things out. Snorty is foot sore, he just seems to hate the thought of having to move off and Old Mate well....... I am not sure how much eye sight he has left but by the incident that I had with him nearly tripping on over me, it is safe to say, he has some serious cataracts going on at at the very least!


Aged Old MateAged Old MateAged Old Mate that has seen better days. Aged Old MateAged Old MateThe war wounds and battles of days gone by are very obvious on this aged stallion.


Now these two boys are pretty blessed they have found each other and whilst they are together they are pretty safe. They have no intention of finding a mare, stealing any mares or even attempting a sneaky serve, all they seem to want is to live their life in peace. They have no agenda, work with each others weaknesses and strengths to maintain that peace that they are looking for, are very self assured in who they are and are accepted by all they come across, Stallions and Mares alike. 

They have no ego and Stallions passing by seem to sense that, in return that are not picked on, bullied or belittled in any way, just left alone to live their days out in peace.

The Mens Club are a true delight to be around, no matter how short on time I can be, when I am in the mountains, I do a daily check on them. I find if I totally honour and respect their space, they are more then content for me to be near by. I honestly feel that there is something special about these old fellas, their untold stories, their grace and they way they just be. I am currently working on them to allow my groups to receive the same privilege that I seem to have with them, that I am sure, over time, will happen.








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