We meet again!!

February 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

On yet another late afternoon, we were out on the plain, hosting a tour one of my favourite groups of likeminded photographers, at this moment we were taking the time to discuss the two aged stallions that graze before us (Blog - The Old Mens Club).  Out of no where like a blast from the past, a shrill territorial whinny trumpeted out clear across the plain, holding a tone that could only belong to a very special stallion! As in unison each and everyone of us, all turned about to check out the direction the whinny came from, in the distance, at least 800 metres away in full gallop, heading straight towards us, is exactly who I thought it would be.......


The Black Stallion dubbed The Colt from old RegretThe Black Stallion dubbed The Colt from old RegretThe Black Stallion dubbed The Colt from old Regret


O My, O My he is back, not only do we get to see him again, I get to share the experience with a some pretty awesome people, people that I know will not only be in awe of what they are about to see, who will honour the experience for what it is, and that is, I suspect, going to be something special! 

As I quickly arranged the group for safety, we all settled into enjoying whatever is about to unfold before us.

The closer he got the more in awe we all became, once again this confident, self assured beauty of a stallion, just seemingly wanted to know why this landscape of his had changed and whether we are friend or foe.

The Stallion quite came close, he circled about us in a horse shoe pattern, slowing to trot, working his way back and forth, checking, processing and most certainly assessing.


The Black StallionThe Black StallionThe Black Stallion



The Black StallionThe Black StallionThe Black Stallion


Then once again he seemed to make that decision that we are were ok and indeed no threat, and just like last time he took that quiet moment to ponder his thoughts....




Then as quickly as it all began he was off -  with not quite as much drama as he displayed with our first meeting, but of course continuing on his way in the completely opposite direction.

No mares in sight, no mob near by, he just seemed to rule the plain. 

Each and every member of the group was touched by his presence and if upon arrival of the tour, they were not absolutely in awe of the Brumbies and their spirit they hold, the spirit that is truly unique to the wild horse, then they were most certainly leaving with a new found sense of respect, love and loyalty to this amazing animal. 

Thank You once again for ensuring us that indeed the legend of The Colt from Old Regret most certainly lives in, even if it is within our hearts. Stay Safe dear boy till we meet yet again xx




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