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Treasuring The Trust.

February 14, 2015  •  1 Comment

I have mentioned in my past Blogs that if you are up front and honest with the brumby, showing good intention and mean no harm they will repay you ten fold. This is a story in wheres't it most definitely runs true.

Let me begin by introducing you to one of my favourite mobs, this mob has most certainly rewarded me more then ten fold! I mean, we all strive to enjoy them don't we? To be with them in their natural state? But what would you do when it happens? Honour it? Treasure it? Take the time to just be? Or get bored and yearn for some excitement and drama to unfold before you? People love a story, they want to hear how exciting the experience was, not that it went so well,  that they just ate or worse, that all they did was sleep!!

The Australian Brumby is truly a glorious creature, they are a peace loving animal that just loves to live in harmony, we all see the photos of drama, stallions fighting, mobs galloping, colts playing, even stallions posturing about trying to figure out what and who is this person with a funny object pointing right at them..... 

The reality is that the drama is not even five percent of it with the other ninety five percent is just eating, sleeping and simply put,  surviving.

Having the ability to do what I do, Spending the time that I do, among these remarkable animals is a true blessing.  By honouring this trust, one particular mob that I follow, has really accepted me as part of their landscape. Now I need to clarify that this mob has never been knowingly hunted, never been continually chased and they live on land that borders a private conservation. Due to this, it is just the polar opposite to some (not all) of the mobs in the National Parks. I am not here to debate the right and wrongs, however to be in the presence of a wild animal no matter the species without fear and suspicion is something that I feel, is truly truly special.

So lets meet the mob, This particular mob consists of two mature Stallions, a number of mature mares plus their foals, two juvenile fillies and one juvenile colt,  they have lived in the same territory for seven plus years and, they have never been touched, never been fed and hopefully they will never need to be. They are not confined in any way, just luck of the draw that their chosen territory is exactly were it is, they are protected, loved and admired by all that come cross their paths.


Meet the Dominant Head Stallion

Bay Brumby StallionBay Brumby Stallion


Meet Stallion Number 2 The Black StallionThe Black StallionThis Mature Stallion shares a small mob with another mature stallion. The boys seem to be quite good mates and are more then happy to work as a team.


The Boys Interacting.

Re-affirming FriendshipRe-affirming FriendshipTwo old mates reaffirming their friendship


Finally meet the Lead Mare, I spend most of my time by this Mares side and feel connected to her the most, she has been my gateway to the herd, by gaining her trust, everyone else naturally followed. This mare has handed me a true gift, something I will always cherish and hold dear to my heart.

Lead MareLead Mare


Bay Lead MareBay Lead MareBay Lead Mare


Now I have no fantastic dramatic story to share, not like the mystery of the Black Stallion but in fact, the complete opposite. The Black is the very beginning of a journey, one that will always be cherished, a journey that I have no idea in where it is heading,or what excitement it will bring, as he belongs in a completely different area that holds a completely different set of dynamics.  


All I have to share with you is this story of trust.



Dominant Stallion, Daughter and Lead mare.

Lead Mare, Foal and DaddyLead Mare, Foal and DaddyLead Mare, Foal and Daddy


Father and Daughter.

Morning SunMorning SunEnjoying the Morning Sun


Nap Time

Nap TimeNap TimeNap Time


Daddy You awake?

You Awake?You Awake?You Awake?



Dominant Stallion, Filly, Lead Mare, Filly, Juvenile Colt

Nap TimeNap TimeNap Time



For me as, a lover of all things Brumby, a horse women and a photographer I will treasure this trust in the hope it will be extended to all those that too, have that wish of "Just Being"  among the Brumbies, our Wild Horse of Australia. If you would  like to join me at any time, check out my workshops page for dates and more info.



Until we meet again dear friends stay safe, wild and free xx

Heading in for some shadeHeading in for some shadeHeading in for some shade




Love the blog Carol. My impression was that Brumbies were too inbred to have good conformation however your photos are telling a different story. I've added a trip with you to my bucket list!
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