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Vale to Mrs Yan

February 18, 2017  •  8 Comments


To see the Brumbies in the wild is something special, when you spend time getting to know their different personalities, understanding the herd dynamics it is very hard not to get attached to say the very least.

Mrs Yan was the lead mare of my all time favorite mob, The ever famous Selwyn Mob as most of you know, with Paleface, being the dominant stallion. Mrs Yan has allowed me to share with you all, the successful upbringing of four progeny, including the ever famous Poster Boy. She was a wise,  laid back, no drama type of mare, that kept an eye on all that was near, she was always the first to lead the mob away to safer areas, or to better feeding grounds, the one that made the decision when to stop and when to start again.


Mrs Yan and Mob Early 2015

Her bond with Paleface was precious and strong, she was as devoted to him as he was to her and she has taught her young well. From what I can tell she was originally from Kiandra as there is a mob that has numerous replicas of her. I have spotted and photographed Paleface, Mrs Yan and Co intermingling with the mobs on an annual basis usually just before the first snow.



Mrs Yan and three generations "Poster Boy" in the background, last years foal then Jinka Nursing.



The loss of Mrs Yan comes with leaving a four month old foal behind, this was a worry in itself, even though she was just of age that can be weaned, the distance the mobs cover along with the loss of protection from her mumma, it was going to be a major hardship to survive.  Gotta say..........It is great news that many a month on, Jinka has not only survived but has truly thrived under the protection of the Mob. She has bonded strongly with the two yearlings in the mob (one her full sibling), Jinka has all of her late mummas traits, with also being laid back and wise beyond her years. I honestly have no doubt that with the bonds that are in place and under the guidance of the Selwyn mob, Jinka will continue to thrive and develop into one spectacular Brumby Mare.



Mrs Yan and her winter 2016 Filly Jinka.

The winter foalThe winter foal



Jinka with her adoptive half sibling 7 weeks after Mrs Yans passing.

Best Friends!Best Friends!


Knowing that the mob stayed with her to the very bitter end, ensuring she didnt pass alone just shows how deep the bonds between the mobs run. Something that I hold very dear and close to my heart, is my recent experience of spending time with the Mob by Mrs Yan’s bones, it was almost like they were stopping by to spend a moment with her, each and everyone of the Mob definitely had a peaceful gentle purpose about them, all individually one by one approaching and spending a moment before moving on,  to not only witness this, but be part of it was truly an honor for such a special mare. 


Jinka this week with her adoptive uncle "Dan"






Karren Summeers(non-registered)
I remember this filly very well. I found her up at 3 Mile Dam not long after she had been born. It had been a shockingly cold week with a good snowfall up there - very deep & slow going for me. Very sad to hear about the mare. Curiously, Lorraine's comment below refers to a stallion by the name of 'Bung Knee'. As I have been following certain groups of horses (or trying) for the last 3 years for my post grad degree in equine science, I nicknamed a bay stallion (bay with black points & no white) from Currango Plain this as he had a very noticeable enlarged offside knee from the joint upwards towards the elbow. I have followed this particular stallion since 2015 but have not seen him since late summer 2017. Im wondering if this is the same horse that Lorraine is speaking about in her comment or is there another 'Bung Knee' out there somewhere?
JM Cregan(non-registered)
Thank you Carol.. We all know how special that mob was and is... A spectacular mare.. a matriarch if ever there was one. x
Stephanie Sutton Young(non-registered)
What a beautiful story, and wonderful photographs, thank you.
How sad what happened to her?
Denise Maynes(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing the story of Mrs Yan. I love your photos. Adding the background story to these pictures shares a remarkable knowledge of these beautiful horses with those of us who have not experienced the brumbies but who love horses. The horses show a wonderful bond with each other and this can only make us admire them more. Keep up the great work. It is good for our souls.
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